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Kiteboarding Gear

Kiteboarding Gear

Choosing the right kiteboarding gear can be as big a challenge as making that first board start!  You’ll want to take into account your own levels of skill and athleticism, the locations and conditions where you intend to ride, and what style of riding you are interested in.

We know this equipment is the best available, because we use it and love it ourselves!

At Wind Over Water Kiteboarding Shop, we have answers.  Our founder, Jeff Kafka, is a professional kitesurfer and instructor with years of experience teaching riders of all skill levels.  He also has shaped boards and knows all the subtleties of performance and handling that arise from the physical design of the board.  This is the kind of professionalism and knowledge you can expect from us.

We are personally devoted to every product we stock and recommend.  We know this equipment is the best available, because we use it and love it ourselves!  Besides the major brands driving the sport and technology forward, we also carry some relatively obscure items with unique features and designs.  At Wind Over Water Surf Shop, you’ll talk with an expert rider who is fanatical about quality and about making happy, satisfied customers.

Since we do so much testing and response, we’ve been a valuable help to our vendors.  Tight vendor relationships keep Wind Over Water in the forefront of the industry, with all the latest information and developments at our fingertips.  We are partnering with Linden Boards to produce a series of Jeff Kafka Signature kiteboards.

kiteboarding gear


Our premier kiteboarding offerings include:

  • Kites by Slingshot, Cabrinha, and Ozone
  • Training and Power Kites
  • Axis boards
  • The Linden / Jeff Kafka Signature series kite boards
  • Harnesses, rigging, bindings, and accessories from Mystic, Slingshot, and Dakine
  • Wetsuits by Ripcurl, O’Neill, and Hotline
  • and much more!
Featured Lessons Gallery
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