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About Jeff Kafka and Wind Over Water

About WOW, Kitesurfing & Kiteboarding

About WOW, Kiteboarding & Surfing

Since April 2004, Wind Over Water Kiteboarding is here to serve and support our local kiteboarding community and the sport of kiteboarding in general.  The biggest reward for our efforts is the chance to share our experiences, and see people and the sport growing together.

As kiteboarding becomes increasingly mainstream, Wind Over Water continues to stand out from the competition with exceptional Kitesurfing & Kiteboarding Lessons.  

Our instructors are real experts, not just at kiteboarding but at big-wave water safety.

Virtually all instruction is one-on-one.  We issue radio helmets for ease of communication on the water.  And we support our students with Personal Watercraft (Jet Skis), to provide added safety and make instruction more efficient.

For our local customers, we offer a full range of select top-quality gear, as well as repair service. We personally endorse every item we stock in terms of quality, craftsmanship and performance.  Of course all the top brands are well represented, but we also carry some relatively unknown products with desirable unique features.  We help our vendors by testing their products and responding with suggestions; our founder, Jeff Kafka, has experience with shaping boards and is now developing a signature line of boards in partnership with Linden Boards.  Our strong vendor relationships mean we can get better deals and all the latest information for you. And our long experience with all levels and styles of kiteboarding means we’re sure to have just the right gear for you, whether you’re a raw beginner or an advanced rider in your own right.

At Wind Over Water Kiteboarding, we are dedicated to continuously re-inventing the customer experience.  Regardless of your skill or background, Wind Over Water is here to ensure you’ll be our best-informed, best-equipped, and best-taught rider yet.

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