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Intermediate Kiteboarding Lessons

Beach Launch Instructor Rides

Beach Launch Instructor Rides

If you can ride both left and right, and you can body drag in any direction to retrieve your board, then you can play this game!  You and your instructor will rig your kites and beach launch together, and then your instructor will take you for a “follow-the-leader” ride upwind and downwind.  You’ll encounter other riders along the way.  Your instructor will stay in touch and provide helpful hints using helmet radios provided by WOW Kiteboarding.  The lesson ends with an in-water self-rescue upon return to the starting point.  Instructors love this class because it is fun and helps solidify your skills:

  • Rigging and checking your kite, harness, and other gear
  • Launching and landing on both land and water
  • Maneuvering upwind and downwind
  • Avoiding obstacles and hazards
  • Showing proper courtesy and safety etiquette with your fellow kiteboarders
  • Right-of-way rules for water recreationists
  • Self-Rescue
2 Hours
Price: $300
6 Hours
Price: $800


Wind Over Water Beginning Kiteboarding Lessons for the Bay Area

Beginner lessons are available individually or in cost-saving packages. These lessons will take you from zero to hero!



Wind Over Water Kiteboarding Lessons for the Bay Area!

Our instructors have identified several categories of skills where new kiteboarders can rapidly improve.


Wind Over Water Kiteboarding Lessons for the Bay Area!

Big waves, advanced tricks and ride faster! Advanced instruction is by far the best way to learn the big moves. 

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