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Intermediate Kiteboarding Lessons

Intermediate Board Skills: Transitions/Jibbing

Intermediate Board Skills: Transitions/Jibbing

You’ve got a twin-tip board and you’re comfortable riding to the right or the left.  But when you go to switch directions, you tend to sink or fall over or put your kite in the water.  Let’s work on those transitions!  In this one-on-one course, you and your instructor stay in touch using helmet radios provided by WOW Kiteboarding.

A well-executed kiteboard transition is like a choreographed dance move; a sequence of graceful motions that work together seamlessly to achieve the desired effect.  This course covers multiple jibbing techniques so you’ll have not one, but several useful moves to choose from:

  • Simple Direction Change
  • Sliding Turn
  • Toe-Side Transition
  • Heel-to-Toe Carving Turns
  • Windsurfing Jibe
  • Pre-Jibe (or Front-Jibe)

This course is great for riders who want to master the complex transitions taken on directional boards (surfboards).

2 Hours
Price: $300
6 Hours
Price: $800


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