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Richard Hallman

Richard Hallman

Richard Hallman

Whether shooting Heli Skiing in Alaska or capturing water sports on the Columbia River, Richard Hallman’s images reflect an unparalleled beauty. As an award winning outdoor adventure sports photographer, Richard’s passion for skiing, mountaineering, windsurfing, kiteboarding, mountain biking, and surfing allows him the rare opportunity to position himself in extreme situations and gain immediate access to the action. Also a former ER Trauma Nurse and Colorado Ski Patroller, Richard is also intimately aware of the inherent risks involved in producing these breathtaking images.

His dedication to the art of photography, along with his technical skill and athleticism, ensure awe-inspiring perspectives over a vast array of subjects. His photographs have won the recognition of major clients including Warren Miller, Bolle, Nike, Slingshot, Dakine, Bern, Sprint, Shred Alert, and Sierra Club and have garnered him various awards through international competitions.

Richard’s enthusiasm for outdoor adventures fuels his desire to explore distant continents and forge never before seen perspectives on both the familiar and unfamiliar. Having climbed three of the highest peaks on three different continents, few obstacles will deter him from searching out and capturing new and compelling images. Richard is currently living the dream with his dog Reina in Hood River, Oregon.

Featured National Publications: Sports Illustrated Adventure ~ Men’s Journal ~ Kiteboarding ~ Kite World, SBC ~ Windsport ~ Windsurfing ~ Backcountry ~ The Ski Mag (Australia) ~ Portland Monthly Magazine ~ PDX Magazine ~ to name a few…

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