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Kiting in the Bahamas “Little Exuma”

WOW Kites Little Exuma Bahamas

If you’re looking to get away from all the crowds and want a laid-back kiting trip or a family vacation, Little Exuma is a destination. We recently took a trip there, and it was super easy to get to and surprisingly affordable. We flew from SFO to Miami and from there it was just a short flight into Little Exuma. The Little Exuma airport is 20 minutes from the kite beach and only an hour from the Tropic of Cancer beach — it’s one of the prettiest in the Exuma Chain. We rented a beautiful 3 bedroom beach house in front of Tropic of Cancer beach and enjoyed day-long kiting sessions and evening BBQ’s on the beach. There was lots of adventure to be had, and it was truly an amazing kite vacation. I can’t wait to go back!

WOW Kites Little Exuma Bahamas

Some hints to make your trip enjoyable:

  • Always wear booties.
  • Bring large kites.
  • Find out when the stores open and when they  close.
  • Rent a boat for a day and explore.
  • If it rains, watch out for sand fleas on the beach. You can’t see them but you’ll notice their bites! Rinse every time you visit the beach.

Besides the sand fleas, we had a fantastic time and kited almost daily (the winds were strong 8 out of the 10 days). We tried 5 amazing kite beaches, and we learned that there are some great waves in the area that you can access by boat.

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