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kiteboarding and surfing gear center

Kiteboarding and Surfing Gear Center

Kiteboarding & Surfing Gear

Wind Over Water lessons and gear center is the local connection for kiteboard and surfing enthusiasts. We’ve got you covered with the world’s best board sport gear.

When you order gear from us, you can be assured that we use it, we know it well and we truly love it!

We are devoted fans and users of every item in our stock.  When you order gear from us, you can be assured that we use it, we know it well and we truly love it!  Of course we stock all the major brands, but we also sell some relatively unknown items selected for their unique features and designs.  At Wind Over Water, you’ll have the help of expert riders and instructors who are also fanatical gearheads.  No matter what your level of skill or your personal goals and interests, our experienced staff will make sure you get the equipment that’s just right for you.

Wind Over Water does extensive testing and response on gear, and we have direct and cordial relationships with our vendors.  Do you have suggestions or criticisms about some of your gear?  We can help feed that information back to the manufacturer.  Having solid relationships with all our vendors means we can get some sweet deals and all the latest information, to serve you best.

Kiteboards & Surf Boards at Wind Over WaterKiteboarding and Surfing

We feature the full range of kiteboarding equipment, from training kites and power kites to harnesses, bindings, all styles of boards, and accessories.  We stock premium kiteboarding lines including Ozone, Slingshot, Core, Eleveight, Lift Foils, O’Neill, Ripcurl, Stay Covered, Mystic, Ride Engine and Axis.  We are currently partnering with Linden Boards to create a signature Jeff Kafka Series kite board.


We feature surf boards by master craftsman Dick Brewer, as well as Gary Linden, Lyle Carson, and Vernor boards.  We also offer Stand Up Paddle boards for both entry and advanced level paddlers.

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