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Snow Kiting in Utah

 Snow-kiting in Utah

This may be my first blog post about snow-kiting in Utah, but I have been kiting all over Utah during the winter season since 2005. In 2004 I was part of a small group of back country enthusiasts that helped bring snowkiting to the US. This core group spent 2 winters traveling around the US in search of the best snow-kiting locations and conditions. Consistent wind, access, good snow, and open mountains with no trees were some of the elements we were looking for. We started in Montana and traveled the entire US in search for these conditions and ended up in Southern Utah at Skyline Ridge. Southern Utah has the best snow on earth (the state even engraved it on their license plate).


The wind blows through Nevada and rolls through the Wasatch mountains on a regular basis. The elevation is high so there are very few trees and the snow is consistently soft. Skyline Ridge has miles of open terrain from flat to rolling hills to cliffs all with in reach of a park and ride situation. Park and ride means you can pull up in your car set up your kite and go for it. We have been hosting snowmobile adventures in this area for years and on a no-wind day we ski, snow board, ride our snowmobiles, ice fish — we enjoy the great outdoors!


There are some things that you should watch out for to make your snow-kiting adventure safe and enjoyable. There are possible storm situations with white outs, high winds, colder temps that can cause frost bite, avalanches, sun burns and, altitude sickness. At 9k+ feet its easy to get exhausted, dehydrated, and delirious if you over do it.

Skyline ridge is the #1 best snowkiting location in the USA.

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