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Beginning Kiteboarding Lessons

Kiteboarding Beginner Lesson 1: Kite Fundamentals (Beach Lesson)

Kiteboarding Beginner

Lesson 1: Kite Fundamentals (Beach Lesson)

This kite fundamentals class is your first step in learning to kiteboard.  It covers all you need to know in order to safely get in the water with a fully-powered kite.  That’s a lot of information! You will learn:

  • Kiteboarding Equipment: learn about bow kites, c-kites, and 5-line kites; know the names and functions of all elements of the kite, rigging, control bar, harness, and board
  • Safety Systems: chicken loop, trim control, how to depower your kite in an emergency
  • Set-up and Pre-Flight Check: how to rig, adjust and safety-check your kite and harness
  • Launching and Landing: how to safely get your kite in the air and put it back down, with or without an assistant
  • Kite Control: how to steer your kite to the desired position, or “park” the kite in flight
  • Wind Theory and Kite Mechanics: learn about lift, wind deflection, trim/angle of attack, and how the kite performs at various locations in the “wind window”
  • Power Zone: where to fly your kite when you want to feel the power!
  • Self-Rescue: a key technique that helps you stay safe in the water

This course is taught at Oyster Point Marina in South San Francisco.  Group lessons are available for this course.

2 Hours
Price: $250


Wind Over Water Beginning Kiteboarding Lessons for the Bay Area

Beginner lessons are available individually or in cost-saving packages. These lessons will take you from zero to hero!



Wind Over Water Kiteboarding Lessons for the Bay Area!

Our instructors have identified several categories of skills where new kiteboarders can rapidly improve.


Wind Over Water Kiteboarding Lessons for the Bay Area!

Big waves, advanced tricks and ride faster! Advanced instruction is by far the best way to learn the big moves. 

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