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Beginning Kiteboarding Lessons

Kiteboarding Beginner Lesson 2: Board Skills I (Water Lesson)

Kiteboarding Beginner, Water Lesson

Lesson 2: Board Skills I (Water Lesson)

In this one-on-one private water lesson, you will fly a fully-powered kite while you are in the water.  This class is packed with information; it is also physically demanding!  Topics covered include:

  • Kite Control: how to steer your kite and “park” the kite in flight
  • Water Re-Launching: getting your kite back into the air after a landing
  • Body Dragging Up and Down Wind: a critical skill for recovering a dropped board which may be upwind from you
  • Powering and Depowering the Kite: using the trim device and the bar to control the kite’s pitch and power
  • Safety systems: how to quick-release from your kite and depower the kite in an emergency
  • Self-rescue: how to use your kite as a sail, even if the rigging is broken; also how to get to shore in an unfavorable offshore wind

You will practice all these skills with your body in the water.  Your instructor will assist and give helpful hints via helmet radio.  Some students progress quickly and have a little time at the end of the session to strap in and try standing up on the board.  Actual riding skills will be developed in the next class.

2 Hours
Price: $300


Wind Over Water Beginning Kiteboarding Lessons for the Bay Area

Beginner lessons are available individually or in cost-saving packages. These lessons will take you from zero to hero!



Wind Over Water Kiteboarding Lessons for the Bay Area!

Our instructors have identified several categories of skills where new kiteboarders can rapidly improve.


Wind Over Water Kiteboarding Lessons for the Bay Area!

Big waves, advanced tricks and ride faster! Advanced instruction is by far the best way to learn the big moves. 

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