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Intermediate Kiteboarding Lessons

Group Down Winder

Group Down Winder

Kiteboarding upwind is a great skill to have, but let’s face it: riding downwind is easier, faster, and more fun.  We’d probably never bother moving upwind if we didn’t have to worry about getting home at the end of the day.

With the Group Down Winder, you can go with a group of friends and forget your worries.  It’s all down wind from here!  With our private dock and Wind Over Water Launch Pad, we can quickly launch a group of riders into the bay North of Coyote Point.  From there, it’s five miles to 3rd Avenue Beach, where you’ll be picked up.  

To maximize your safety, learning and enjoyment, an instructor will ride with your group on a Personal Watercraft (Jet Ski).  Communication will be by helmet radios, provided by WOW Kiteboarding.  The instructor will give you pointers to improve your skills, steer you clear of hazards in the unfamiliar waters, and assist you if you become tired or stuck.  An easy downwind run, combined with the security of Personal Watercraft support, means you can concentrate 100% on fun!


Wind Over Water Beginning Kiteboarding Lessons for the Bay Area

Beginner lessons are available individually or in cost-saving packages. These lessons will take you from zero to hero!



Wind Over Water Kiteboarding Lessons for the Bay Area!

Our instructors have identified several categories of skills where new kiteboarders can rapidly improve.


Wind Over Water Kiteboarding Lessons for the Bay Area!

Big waves, advanced tricks and ride faster! Advanced instruction is by far the best way to learn the big moves. 

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